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Sky Bento - Henny in a Bottle (feat. Konli) [Single]
Flaev Beatz - Be True (feat. Konlie) [Single]
Jvstyce - Summer Dreamz (feat. Konlie) [Single]
Brandon Gomes - Substance (feat. Konlie) [Single]


Becca - Manic Panic [Single]
Jessica Lindsay - Checkerboards [Single]
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Train - Marry Me (Konli Cover)

☀ Keep on shining ☀

Who is Konli?

An American "bedroom pop" recording Artist from Florida, Konli has a songwriting style that blends elements of pop, R&B, electronic, funk and soul all in one. Using her degree in music production—and her passion for vocal production—her powerful lyrics and melodies carry listeners on a thoughtful sonic tour. Throughout every song, Konli shares her spicy perspectives on life, love, her struggles with mental health, and the bittersweet lessons she learns while gaining a deeper understanding of her spirituality, her connection to the Universe, and herself.

Along with multiple features on other artist's songs, two songs out with her prior duo band THM, and lively collaborations with other artists, Konli has a bunch of her own singles out, such as You're A StarI'm In, Home, & Me First. She released her first solo music video in October 2020 for her very first single Voices and is planning to film her second music video to the single off her upcoming collab EP titled "Young Religion".


Konli is currently releasing a large series of singles in 2022—a jam-packed year full of Konli originals and collabs that have been sitting in her pocket waiting for their time to shine. The collab EP's songs will be sprinkled in amongst the 2022 bi-monthly release plan. In these upcoming songs, she will be diving into the theories of law of attraction, manifestation, and the layers of human complexity. And oooooh they. are. GOOD.


Click here to read Konli's interview with VoyageLA magazine and learn more about her journey to LA.


"Find the thing that makes you light up, that you would wake up with a smile at 3 am to work on if you were called to. That passion. That thing... make a career out of that because that is your purpose."